I visited a church that seemed spiritually sleeping. People seemed distant and sort of suspicious. As I ministered in that church for several days more and more people were getting interested, but with delay.

One day the Lord told me to go about and ask anyone if he or she might want to be healed. Having no clue what He was up to I obeyed and went about the church room asking, but no one was 'interested.'

Well, trying to be obedient I kept on asking until I came to one lady who strangely looked at me. I asked her: "do you need healing?" She replied, "No." I said; "are you sure?" Then she responded and said, "well actually I do need a healing, I have this growth on my neck for a very long time and I would like it to go."

I looked at her intently and I said, b Are you sure that you still have the growth?"

"Oh yes it is there all right!" She replied.

But I insisted and again asked her the same question. Then she looked at me with disbelief while I asked her to reach her hand towards that area and feel it.

(Lady) "Oh my God! Oh my God! It"s gone!"

She tried to find it but the growth was nowhere to be found. After the meeting people asked the lady about the growth and she had to show to all that it just vanished. Dumbfounded and still disbelieving with pensive looks on their faces many went home.

The show was over, psychosomatic miracles were not there; something people get quite used to seemed puzzling.


In one of my meetings in Texas a young girl with tears in her eyes told me that her daddy had been bleeding already for one year. Diagnosed with intestinal cancer, too far spread to treat it; the case was hopeless.

I told the girl to come the next day to the meeting and bring her daddy's favored shirt. The next day she was there clutching her daddy's shirt, her eyes were filled with hope. In that meeting she gave her heart to the Lord and then together with the elders of that church we spoke to the laying in bed at home Albert to be healed. The girl's daddy was of course too week to come to the meeting himself, that was the reason I asked for his shirt, which according to scripture represents him for clothes and the person wearing them are one before the Lord. All this was recorded on video, which I planned to use for TV productions.

About 10 days later, I asked the pastor of that church if he could ask all those people that experienced a miracle or would like to testify of other people's miracles that were at my meetings, but are not present today.

At the end of the meeting the line was long and one by one testified of wonders the Lord had performed during the 21 - days of breakthrough meetings. The young girl, who did not belong to that church rushed to come just for the time of testimonies.

Here is what she said: that night we prayed for my daddy, it was bout 10 PM, the bleeding all of a sudden stopped and the pain left his body. Then my dad was getting stronger each day, wearing the shirt brother Luxum had touched. After ten days, without any sign of bleeding, which no medicine could stop before, Albert went for a CAT scan. The results were astounding, there was no trace of cancer, not a scar, as if there was nothing. The doctors admitted that it is truly a miracle for they have never before seen anything like it. My dad is living normally gaining weight and getting stronger each day.


I received a call from a frantic woman. "My daughter cut her hand and she is bleeding to death. I cannot stop the bleeding."

I asked the mother to put her daughter up to the phone so that I could talk to her. Bleeding all over herself I gently said, "Look at you hand, the blooding stopped." The little girl said, "Yes it did, right now."

The mother picked up the phone and shouted, "It's a miracle! The bleeding stopped completely."

I told her to bandage the the hand.


During my Evangelistic campaigns in Paraguay people were throwing on the platform photographs, handkerchiefs, shirts and other items that identified their loved ones.

Testimonies of awesome miracles swept the city. People left hospitals, recovered without operations, witches were saved and those practicing witchcraft were delivered.

Once, as I was being taken across the city many people recognized the van and blocked the intersection, sticking photos and handkerchiefs through the windows. We had to stand at the intersection for a along time blocking the traffic. This time the street campaign, after the main one, started all over again.

I remember one lady giving an interesting testimony. Her rebellious daughter was being invited to the campaign at the Medical Park in the Center of Asuncion, that's where I have conducted the open air evangelistic meetings, but the girl refused to come. Her mother, seeing all the handkerchiefs on the platform decided to bring her own. I touched all the pieces of clothe, some even anointed with oil.

When the lady came home she slipped that handkerchief under the pillow of her daughter.

In the morning the girl sweetly said, "Mama, tonight I would like to come with you to the meeting with Joseph Luxum."

When they both arrived the girl gave her heart to Jesus and was delivered from witchcraft.

Indeed, it was a powerful pillow she slept on.



A faithful supporter of this ministry living in Italy heard of my meetings in Germany. Just a few days before she heard about these meetings she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The tumors grew to an orange size, and after many tests the doctor ordered an immediate surgery.

Instead of going under the knife the lady took her elderly mother and her two young daughters to my meetings in Bad Bruckenau, Germany.

Our meetings were actually held at a private medical center and the owner, a doctor himself, was present.

When I asked the lady to come to the front God did not wait for me to to touch her. His holy fire fell on her. I had to catch her for she was falling mumbling something about being hot. Limply she held on to me and I had to ask someone to help me.

Like a drunkard the woman staggered and started to laugh. I asked her to feel the tumors, she attempted to, but she could not find them. Her two daughters sprang up to their feet and ran to their mother. They knew exactly where the tumor was and how large it was. The orange size tumor was gone. They screamed like girls do with great excitement. There was nothing but a smooth skin.

The doctor was asked to examine the lady. He ran all the tests on her but there were no cancerous cells found in her entire body.




After the miraculous disappearance of her breast tumor the Italian lady who came to my meeting in Bad Bruckenau told her friends how the Lord has healed her so that she needed no operation She was economically impoverished, scrubbing floors to pay bills. Her husband gambled away all they had and then started to beat her. I told her to run away. She settled in Italy. Now, her friend who heard her story and was scheduled for her own heart-transplantation operation in Italy; asked her to ask the minister to also pray for her. So her friend called me. I happened to be in Switzerland at that time.

While we spoke on the phone God gave me a word for the heart-transplant lady, "please do not be concerned your Creator just gave you a brand new heart."

Just a few weeks later I received news that the new heart she was awaiting finally arrived and she was about to undergo a serious operation. Additional tests were conducted and then given to the chief surgeon, but when he saw the tests and after examining her himself he said, "You can live with this heart to be a hundred, what is this, some kind of a joke?" The lady was released from the hospital walking out with a brand new heart.


Doctors have not given the boy even a ten years to live for his heart was deformed and without a heart-transplant the boy would not only properly develop, but die prematurely. The boy's parents invited me to their house; the boy reminded me of my own childhood, frail and anemic, my heart went out to him. I took him in my arms and just loved and hugged him until I would feel the release of God's powerful presence. I did not have to talk much in order to build up his parent's faith, for they knew God, but just like my own parents they had more faith in medicine than in the One who created it, and since there was no hope in the natural my prayer was that only hope.

I knew that this is the divine law of creation for when there is no hope that's when miracles happen.

Indeed, God's powerful presence and compassion flooded my body and oozed into the boy's body. I giggled and the house was filled with God's glory. The boy received a brand new heart and lives till this very day in health.


In Southern Kansas I had the privilege to minister in several churches. There were many healings and supernatural occurrences, of which long after I was gone people were still talking about. Often it is so that I am not aware of many miracles that follow the Word and my ministry; therefore, they may not be listed here.

A pastor shared with me that one of the attendees to the church is in a hospital suffering from a brain tumor, which grew larger than a golf ball. I told him about God’s Kingdom laws, one of them is this, [Mark 2:4-5] Being unable to get to Him because of the crowd, they removed the roof above Him; and when they had dug an opening, they let down the pallet on which the paralytic was lying. [5] And Jesus seeing their faith said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”

“Seeing THEIR FAITH.” The friends of the paralytic paid the price, they torn down the roof in order to reach the Master.

I told the pastor that we should go and lay hands on the lady.

We have been going for an hour. I asked, “Where are we going?” He said, “To Kansas City.” That was more than a four hours’ drive. I thought that the lady was at the local hospital.

So we drove from the Oklahoma’s state line all the way to Kansas City.

We entered the room where the lady sat on her bed in excruciating pain. The pastor told me of her lifestyle and so she had plenty to repent for, but in her state she could not say one word. Nonetheless, she repeated after me as much as she could, I laid hands on her and told her these words, “Tomorrow we will see you in church.”

Lo and behold the lady shows up in church. Now she tells her story.

After you were leaving, you saw a nurse coming in. Well, she said that they have a brand new drug, although not yet FDA approved; they would try it on me. I said that I am healed and need no drugs.

“What?” The nurse said. “Who were these two guys?”

The lady said, “One of them was my pastor and the other a visiting evangelist and they prayed for me. I am healed now.”

The nurse could not believe it. With smirk on her face she added, "Suit yourself honey." That same day they made an X-Ray of the lady's brain, which revealed not even a scar. The tumor vanished; and after 25 years it still stays gone; to this very day. Just recently I have verified with the pastor to be so. Glory to God!


I was ministering in Basel, Switzerland, when I heard of a group of people from France. They heard about my meetings and many manifestations of God's healing power. In that group was a man who had but weeks to live; being almost completely eaten up with cancer. The man was not a professing Christian, a total unbeliever, and an alcoholic too.

People stood in line as I was touching each person. When I came to that man I asked him if he is ready to face eternity the way he is?

I saw his tender heart. So without much ado I led him in the sinner’s prayer and into deeper repentance. As he kept on going he started to cry, sweat and shake. Then i laid hands on him and order the cancer to leave his body, which by then became the Temple of the Holy Spirit. I knew that the cancer left him.

The entire group of French people, about twenty or so, went back to France.

Within a month I received great reports. The man was not only cancer-free and completely healed of alcoholism, but he went about all towns and villages telling people what happened to him. As a result of his powerful testimony many came to know Christ. His old drinking buddies knew him well before, they also testified of the tremendous change in their buddy's life. Many of them were born again.

The newly born again people did not join any church, but started their own. The church grew in numbers and power.

The healed man became the pastor.


After reports of tremendous miracles that took place in Brazil I was invited to England for a 10-day revival meetings in a large school hall in the city of Poole/Dorset.

One evening as I was entering the hall asking the Lord to show me who is that special person to be healed tonight He pointed at a lady who just rolled herself in a wheelchair into the auditorium, saying "I want to heal her tonight." "Lord please give me something easier" - I responded. Then I thought, OK perhaps this is the time to test myself if I am willing to make a fool of myself, no matter whether I heard it right or made it all up. Well, I was ready to make a fool of myself and I called the lady to the front. I wanted to find out if she perhaps received a special gift of faith for her healing that is the reason why the Lord is directing me to call her up. First I asked her, "how long is she in the chair", she said, "20 years." What is the illness, she said, "Multiple Sclerosis." Then she added that she cannot stand or move in any way and that her husband who is not a believing Christian must do that for her.

I realized that she was indeed a born-again Christian so I asked her if she had faith for her healing, she responded negatively saying, "I'm sorry, but it's now more than 20 years since I have been confined to my bed and this wheelchair. I guess I lost any hope for a miracle." I was at loss, now came my turn to make a fool of myself. But then the Lord whispered to me saying, "Isn't faith a gift?" That's right, it is one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. So I turned to the lady and asked her another question, "Would you be willing to open yourself up to the possibility of getting healed; after the Lord had forgiven your unbelief?" Without any hesitation she said "YES," I then led her in sinner's prayer, and then I laid hands on her asking for the gift then I waited. I looked at her and her face was radiant. "Are you ready" I asked, she said "Yes I'm ready." Just moments ago she was not ready, but something happened in between and she was ready. I have laid hands on her the second time and prayed. My body was electrified. I vibrated. It felt as if hot oil was oozing off of my fingers and into her body. She exclaimed, "I'm burning!"

After everything subsided I asked the lady if she could stand. She looked at me with a totally changed expression and raised herself from the chair.

She stood up. "Could you do this before?" I asked. She said, "Not the past 20 years." "Can you make a step forward?" She made the first attempt, then the second, then at the third step she started to lose balance. I quickly intervened and said, "If you could not even stand before and now you made these two steps, don't you think that it is God who gave you the power to do this?" She obviously agreed and proceeded to make third step, then she started to walk. She walks normally until this very day.

On the next day, she waled in without the help of a wheelchair; her unbelieving husband also came; her husband now was the living witness of her previous condition and of the power of God that caused the present condition. As he came to the front he offered his life to God with tears of repentance. As I waled back to the podium I heard a thump behind me , I looked back and there was the 6-feet toll+ man flat on the floor. We have waited a while and after about ten minutes of laying on the floor quite ineptly he was trying to lift himself up. With a bit rickety walk he looked for his wife, she came close to him and they hugged. All that was left for me to say is that up until this moment they were just one flesh, but now they are not only one flesh, but also one in the spirit.


A group of people from the Grace World Outreach Center in St. Louis Missouri, who ministered in prisons, invited me to minister in the Pacific penitentiary.

The meeting place looked like an amphitheater. The prisoners were sitting above and the preacher addressed them from below. There were between 50 to 80 guys.

I sang a few songs and preached the Gospel. Then I made an altar call. At first, hardly anyone bothered to respond, but I kept on with my appeal. Up above on the last row an emaciated anemic looking man lifted his hand. I asked him to come down. As he was making his way down that’s when I saw his skeleton like figure. He took some time down the steps, but he made it.

This took place in the early 1980’s and many diseases like the AIDS causing HIV virus was not yet well known. This wasting away skeleton of a man had full blown AIDS and was dying. The whole prison knew about him.

I did not have to ask him about his health condition because it was more than obvious, all I felt was holy intervention, and indeed holy it was. I did not pray for the man but with him. I knew that desperation like his would have to be stirred to the max for the Word declares that ‘when your strength is almost gone I’ll be there.’ It’s good to know God’s laws and all the laws that govern the works of His Kingdom. Many times I have seen such “opportunities” to perform works of power. I watch the Master who watched the Father before He did anything, but also ‘the power to perform a work of power was present’ so noticed it too.

After the man cried, repented and invited Christ in his life he started to walk back up the stairs. All had noticed that the man was visibly stronger and new energy beamed out from him. But the time was not yet to confirm his deliverance and healing.

A couple of weeks later the guys from the Prison Group called me up telling me that the AIDS man gained weight, is completely healthy and reads the Bible. After that I got another call a week later and was told that the AIDS man started a Bible study group, first in his cell and then was permitted to meet in the hall. One month later it was reported to me that more than 50 of prisoners gave their lives to Jesus, are completely changed, pray and read the Bible. The AIDS man preaches on regular basis. The entire prison had been transformed by the power of that one seed God sown in that man. I was elated. If no one ever told me about it I would feel that I am preaching to the wind and that my ministry is fruitless. Glory to God! He is the same yesterday, today and forever! 


Once I have ministered in a church somewhere in the prairies of Texas. The pastor’s name was Lewis. A lady that was married to a man who turned first bisexual and then homosexual had AIDS and gave her HIV.

She was very enthusiastic about the ministry and her enthusiasm was pleasing to the Lord. I prayed for her and the Lord healed her of AIDS. After the prayer she went to the clinic and was tested again; this time she exclaimed with joy that all tests came negative for HIV. She was AIDS free. But her ex-husband, who ran a pub or a nightclub with drugs and alcohol with all other vile activities, was deteriorating.

Few days later the nightclub man came to my meeting after which we spoke. I asked him if he would give his life to God, repent and have his sins forgiven. He looked at me surprised and replied, “I am saved. Jesus is my Lord and when I die I go straight to heaven.” I then said, if that were so then I would not want to be in heaven with homosexuals or bisexuals, pimps, thieves or abominable people. Perhaps he spoke of another heaven?

[1 Corinthians 6:9-11] Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, [10] nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. [11] Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

“You could be changed today” I said, but the man refused claiming to be heaven-going Christian.

Some weeks later the lady wrote me a letter; thanking the Lord for healing her and for His abundant grace upon her life; and for my ministry. But, her ex-husband did not repent and died in his sins. The police raided his nightclub, which was then shut it down permanently. She also described many positive changes in the church, people were revived; her church came to life.


I was invited to minister in 'Elim' church in the city of Hamburg - Germany. Prior to the meeting I was told that some who were claiming to be Satan worshippers would also attend; prostitutes and other street people were also invited.

During the service the group of punks have gotten too rowdy for me to continue with my message and I felt that I must stop and tell them to at lest have the courtesy to permit others to enjoy the service.

I stopped preaching and told them that if they do not enjoy the meeting then let them leave for there are others who do do not wish to be disturbed. The boys were stunned and did not know how to react, they did not expect this sort of un-intimidated response to their unruly behavior. Four guys left, but their boss remained and since he had no one to talk to he listened.

After a while I noticed him leaving, but soon he returned together with the other four and this time the whole group remained quiet. Closer to the front a prostitute seeking to be set free from her shameful lifestyle was intent on getting the message.

I made the alter call and she was the first one giving her life to Jesus, the rowdy four guys left again, but their boss, visibly touched by the Word, made his way to the front. He was delivered and wonderfully saved; that evening about 15 people experienced the miracle of new birth. I was told that the man who have given his life to Jesus was a Satanist and his friends were the members of his church. People know very well what is true and what is false, for the Gospel is the mirror.


Beginning in Poland (I was just 14-15 years of age), I knew nothing about divine healing, either was I yet baptized in the Holy Spirit, but time does not matter to God for He owns it.

An older lady had a stroke and became lame. I loved that older dame for she loved the Lord.

I prayed to the Lord asking as to 'what could I do to help?' At that time I was quite interested in the power of prayer combined with fasting. Today I know that God never required any fasting from us, but many do not know it either supposing that there is some special power in fasting, yet the only thing that's powerful is the humbling itself. Weakening of self we can do without weakening our bodies by food depravation. Nonetheless, God honors any sacrifice even when offered in ignorance. [Psalm 51:17] The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.

For the first time I heard the Lord's inner voice saying: 'if you fast seven days for her, on water only, then I will heal her'. I figured that if I do not obey then I will never know if the Lord spoke to me or I just imagined it. God's voice is very subtle, delicate and very gentle; that's why in Psalm 46:10 we read about being still and knowing Him as God, and not as a man.

This was my first obedience to God's voice. I was only 15 years old when I completed my first seven-days fast. I went to visit the lame lady. I asked asked her whether she believed in divine healing. She was Baptist but of Jewish descent, so I was not sure if she would allow a young boy to lay hands on her? After a little hesitation she allowed me to touch her. I barely touched her shoulder and said, "In Jesus' name be healed" and nervously I ran out the door as quickly as I could. When I reached the street I looked back in the direction of her house, lo and behold the lame walked out and waved thanks to me. I waved back. She remained healed for another 15 sickness-free years living up to her late eighties and then Lord took her home; a living witness to God's graciousness. Indeed, the Almighty does speak; and He does answer prayers.




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