The reformation of our mind has much to do with the way we perceive God's oneness, His creation and above all the way we relate to Him in the Spirit of Truth.

After monotheism came dualism (God vs Satan), which God only permitted for a time being. All blood sacrifices have also been permitted for the struggling with guilt and condemnation humanity. God also permitted Islam to take hold of the mind of many, but only as a competition with Christian dualism and Judaism.

No matter how one wants to interpret divinity, as far as the Bible is concerned everything spins around the Jew and the One God. As the biblical history portrays; God often used one nation, and a ruler, to unseat yet another and then that ruler was deposed by yet another ruler. Islam is also dualistic and it can't get out of the quagmire of definitions as to what is good and what is evil.

Quran does not address too many facets of human existence; hence, it is narrow and dogmatic, which also leads to fanaticism. Unlike Quran, the Bible was written by 40 authors and all of them address something central, but from different angels. This in turn does not breed fanaticism, but rather attracts rational mind. With this sort of a rational, unclouded by fanaticism or a blind belief mind we investigate God's truth and not our subjective beliefs.

The third alternative, the final one, is the Last Reformation of the human mind worldwide. All must know that God did not make Satan to war with, to oppose, or to give Satan or the devil (Greek diabolos) any sovereign powers. Any rebellion in heaven, which seduced ancients' mind, is not even possible and the God-given gift of logic explains it.

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