Color blue speaks of the sky or heaven and water; eternal security in heaven and the washing with word.

Apostles create folds for the sheep. The sheep are the new converts or new believers. Depending on terminology used within a period of time during which the conversion, salvation, born the born-again experience occurred. If it took place during the first 70 years of AD than we deal with experiences, and conversions. The Pharisees we proselytizing, which means they were gaining new converts to Judaism. It was their job to bring the Hellenized Jews back to the Jewish fold; therefore, Judaism as a religion had to be defined. Christianity was not yet defined at that time. The word "Christian" was first coined in Antioch around the year 40-42 AD. The first church was Jewish and still part of the greater body of Judaism. This would explain why Peter hesitated to preach to the Gentiles at Caesarea. Paul defected from the Jewish fold and went rouge calling himself the apostle of the Gentiles. But without these defections from the burdensome and complex Judaism we would not know much grace and the freedom from religious bondage rooted in obligations, ceremonial and ritual observances.